Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Robots Rock!

I got a book about robots from school and my favorite robot is gray and has three fingers, and I don't call it what it's really called but I call it the Jumbo HE8.

Here are some pictures of cool robots:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

my trip with my dad

5:15am at the airport. Vinny was a little grumpy.
6:00am. Told Vinny where we were headed.

We made it to Legoland!
Squirting unsuspecting riders on the pirate ship ride
We won 1st place when we did the firetruck race.
Vinny doing Lego Grand Theft AutoA real pirate!

Asleep after Legoland on our way to the La Jolla Cove beach
Vinny, some tears (from being woken up), some drool, and the beach
More tears, more beach
He's happy now. We went to Target and got matching hats, a ring-pop, and some cool hot wheels shades.
Vinny fell asleep in the car againa after Target. Here is our dive Motel 6.
Tamarack Beach on Saturday morning. Gorgeous!
1st order of business Saturday: ride RACER-X at Legoland! (this took a lot of convincing!)
Building and racing Lego cars. Vinny won every time!
Squirting more people. This was our favorite part of the whole trip! They couldn't squirt back!
We're dry and they're wet! Ha-ha!
Las Vegas in "Miniland"
Check out all these cool Lego Star Wars toys!
The Death Star. $299 unassembled. 4 billion pieces. Ages 43+.
We rented a Prius. $8 for gas for two days and 150 miles. Nice!
The San Diego Temple as seen from the I-5 freeway
Pizza at "Giant New York Pizza" in downtown San Diego
National Car Rental shuttle to the airport
Playing DS in Vegas
Asleep on the flight from Vegas to SLC.
Asleep at the luggage return
Asleep in the car, trying to say hi to mom
Owen happy to see us, and even more happy to get home and open his toy

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Star Wars rocks!

Star Wars rocks because I rock at it!!! And I love Jango Fett and Boba Fett and the clone troopers. I like to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the xbox. It's better than the first Star Wars battlefront because you can be guys that you cannot be in the first one like the rebel spy which is very awesome. He has a super gun that can shoot sand. You can be the clone trooper spies and the droid spies and you can be the jedis and you can even be Darth Vader's spy. You can even be Darth Vader and yoda and every jedi.